If you’re looking for coaching instead of psychotherapy, perhaps as a way to address a specific issue(s) over the short to medium term, I’m delighted to introduce my colleague Dr. Bimal Patel. He is a professionally trained and accredited psychological coach and has been working in private practice for more than a decade. You can read more about him and his work, as well as how to contact him, below:


Hi there!


Feeling stuck on a particular issue? Looking to untangle some knots and threads?


Maybe I can help.


My name is Bimal. After qualifying as a medical doctor back in 2007, I gradually followed my nose into the work I now do.


That journey involved a fair amount of stuckness and tangled thread! Along the way to resolution, I learned a few things.


Some of these were through formal training:


  • A Masters Degree in Psychological Coaching from Metanoia Institute in London
  • A Postgraduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from University of Surrey
  • A Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from London College of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Courses in Mindfulness-Based Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Management of Eating Disorders


And some of what I learned could be classed as “universal” or “life experience” lessons. Long term psychotherapy was also a key part of this.


I try to keep my work with clients simple, conversational, egalitarian and high value. You could describe it as “Coaching” or “Mentoring” but to be honest, I think it’s something we humans have been doing for one another long before those labels were invented.


If you feel you might benefit from talking something through with me, the next step is easy. That’s by design - reaching out to another person can take courage, so I don’t want to make it harder than necessary.


Send me a brief message at:


You can tell me a little about what’s on your mind if you wish, or just request a session.


I work via FaceTime video, offering sessions to individuals aged 18 and above. Sessions are 60 minutes and cost £150 each, payable by bank transfer.


So that covers the basics. If something here has resonated within you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help and look forward to hearing from you!


That said, whether or not we eventually meet and work together, my wish for you is the same as the wish I had for me all those years ago. That you discover more clearly who you truly are, so you can increasingly live life on your terms.


Good luck!


Dr Bimal Patel